Anti-Suffrage Ostrich greetings cards pack of 8

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Now: £4.00

Ugh, it’s the anti-suffrage ostrich again. You know, head in the sand, completely unaware of its surroundings, and yet so thoroughly convinced that it knows exactly what is happening. We’ve all met some ostriches, and Catherine Courtauld Osler, the artist who created this design, was no exception. A member of the Suffrage Atelier and the executive committee of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, Courtauld created this for a women’s suffrage propaganda poster, comparing those opposed to women's suffrage as ostriches. Whether they believed in women’s voting rights or not, however, didn’t really matter: as it unfailingly does, the sun was rising and with it, a new dawn for gender equality was coming.

This is a set of 8 greetings cards with white 'hammered' envelopes. They’re left blank inside for your own message – plenty of space to declare your truths and respect for women’s rights!


Pack of 8 greetings cards printed on recyclable board using environmentally friendly inks. Card size 170mm x 120mm; envelope 175mm x 125mm.