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We're looking for a new Marketing Manager to join us at Radical Tea Towel.

This is no ordinary place to work.

First of all, we're trying to do something very specific but useful in the world: "keep radical history alive."

Just some corporate line? Well, how many people do you know who would have adopted the 'niche' idea of putting radical history and figures on tea towels, taken it seriously and carried on doing it for almost ten years? We couldn't have kept going if we didn't find it a lot of fun.

And for us, it's been hugely fun to trawl through the kind of history that's been left out of many school educations, unearthing the campaigns and individuals who ultimately won us the freedoms we all enjoy today, and putting these images in places where they're likely to spur conversation.

Our tea towel designs can be found in kitchens and classrooms across this country and North America, and our radical history email list reaches 65,000 - people with whom you'll now be responsible for speaking.

Secondly, we're running a real and growing business. Taking the financial side of things seriously is ultimately what's allowed us to survive and create many UK-based jobs (from our in-house team, to our manufacturing and fulfilment partners), as well as be in a position to donate almost £40k to good causes in the past 12 months alone (food banks, new statues and museums suffering in the current environment).

We started small, but last year grew to spend £450k on social media advertising to reach people (oh, there's another thing you'll be running from now on).

This year's been a challenging year for everyone. Back in March 2020, like many small businesses, we wondered whether we'd survive. But somehow, we pulled together and grew the business significantly. When others were retrenching, we moved into new product lines, expanded our range of designs, switched to organic cotton in our products and even launched a new brand (Town Towels) along the way.

Some people might have thought we were 'unprofessional' for not having an office. But maybe we just saw the benefits of remote working before it became fashionable. The Marketing Manager role will remain that way - so if you're pining for life at the watercooler, it's probably not for you.

This is a business at the vanguard of Britain's new online economy: having conversations with our customers, caring about how our products are made, giving back to good causes, and part of an ecommerce industry that's projected to just keep growing.

It's never been a 'quiet life' - everyone here, from young to old, has had to learn new software, new skills, new ways of working, while looking out for each other along the way. Now we need team members who'll push us to go even further. Are you up for it?


Job Summary

Radical Tea Towel is a group of ecommerce brands including, and Our products are made in the UK, and since starting out as a family business, we've believed in an ethical approach to doing business. That approach affects the products we make, the stories we tell, our regular donations to good causes, the way that we treat our customers and our personal conduct. We've grown significantly in recent years and are now a team of nine employees and freelancers.

We're looking for a motivated self-starter to join us in an exciting full-time permanent marketing role. You'll write and edit emails for 65,000 readers, create regular content for a social media following of 120,000, be responsible for a digital advertising budget in the hundreds of thousands (our Facebook spend for 2020 was in the region of £450k), and lead our PR and publicity efforts. Training will be provided: coaching, online courses and hands-on experience. Open-mindedness, enthusiasm to learn and excellent English communication skills are vital; number of years experience is not. We're a small business so are looking for someone who is comfortable working independently (and remotely), is highly self-organised, cares about our product and wants to implement ideas on their own initiative.

Detailed job profile and areas of responsibility

If you read the above and thought, HELL YES, then we'd love to hear from you. Send us a covering email to and include your CV.