Keir Hardie fridge magnet Backing card
Keir Hardie fridge magnet Backing card

Keir Hardie fridge magnet

‘Socialism proposes to dethrone the brute-god Mammon and to lift humanity into its place.’

At 8 years old, James Keir Hardie sent to work at a bakery, as the sole wage-earner of his family. At 11, he was a coal miner. At 17, he had taught himself to read and write. At 44, he was leader of the Labour Party. This is the story of Keir Hardie.

Having organised workers’ unions and leading miners ‘strikes previously, Hardie was in invited to stand as the Independent Labour Party candidate for West Ham in east London in 1892, a seat which he won, making him the first Labour Member of Parliament. Over the next few years, he helped form the Labour Party as it is known today, being elected as its first leader. He was a radical through and through: marked out by parliament in his dress –Top of Formhe wore a tweed suit when most members of parliament wore more formal dress – as well as his support for issues such as women's rights, free schooling and pensions, and Indian self-rule.

Get in touch with your Labour roots with this historical fridge magnet!

Specifications: Superior strength magnet, measures 6.5cm x 9cm x 0.25cm. Epoxy coated. Comes in attractive, clear packaging with informative display card.