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Camus and Moral Choices

Posted by Pete on 7th Nov 2020

Born today in 1913, Albert Camus tried to place morality above all else. Albert Camus in 1957 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons) "The choices we have to make are always essentially moral choices." … read more

The Chileans have elected a revolution

Posted by Pete on 24th Oct 2020

Forty years ago, Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was made President of Chile. Over its short life, his government was nothing short of a renaissance for Latin America. "Salvador Allende en discurso" … read more

Jamaica Rises

Posted by Pete on 11th Oct 2020

Today in 1865, black Jamaicans rose up against white supremacy.George William Gordon at Morant Bay (Wikimedia Commons)After decades of courageous activism by characters like Olaudah Equiano and Willia … read more

The greatest President the US never had

Posted by Pete on 7th Oct 2020

Born today in 1888, the progressive Henry Wallace – who came tantalisingly close to succeeding FDR – was one of the best presidents the US never had.There have been few truly good presidents.Lincoln a … read more

Sylvia Pankhurst - Q&A with Rachel Holmes

Posted by Luke on 23rd Sep 2020

We recently had the opportunity of doing a 'virtual interview' with Rachel Holmes, author of a new biography on Sylvia Pankhurst ('Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural Born Rebel', published September 2020 by … read more