Orders & Delivery

Will my order arrive before Christmas?

Check the delivery page for the last postage dates.

How is Brexit affecting deliveries?

Check the Brexit page for more information on deliveries to Europe.

Are all your products still available?

If an item is available to purchase on the website, then we have it in stock. Things are a little unpredictable at the moment, but we’re working closely with our suppliers to move things along as quickly as we can - while protecting the wellbeing and safety of factory and warehouse workers. While we know stock is coming, we don’t always know exactly when, which is why you’ll find some of our products may be out of stock but coming soon. You can email us on hello@radicalteatowel.com if there's a particular item you want that says it's out of stock, and we'll be sure to follow up once it's available again.

If I make my order now, when will it arrive?

Your order should arrive within 2-5 working days. For more info, please check our delivery page.

I haven't received my order yet. What's going on?

If your order isn't delivered within a reasonable time or you fear it may have been lost in the post, please email us on hello@radicalteatowel.com and we'll try to resolve the problem.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! For more info, please check our delivery page.

Returns & Complaints

What is your return policy?

We have a 100-day no questions asked returns policy.

I've received the wrong item! What should I do?

In the unlikely event you accidentally receive an item different to the one you ordered, please contact us on hello@radicalteatowel.com and we'll sort it out for you.


I have a design idea for a tea towel! Can I send it to you?

Our designs are normally made in house by our creative team, but we’d love to hear your suggestions. Send us an email with your ideas to hello@radicalteatowel.com.

I don't think you should have certain historical figures in your products.

We know sometimes radical figures can be controversial, and what we've learnt over the years of running Radical Tea Towel is that no historical figure has an unblemished record, particularly when judged by modern standards. A lot of thought goes into choosing who and what to portray in our designs, but we do sometimes get it wrong. If there is a certain design that you think is inappropriate, please direct your concerns to hello@radicalteatowel.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tea towels with women's suffrage designs - isn't that contradictory?

We hear you. That's why we wrote this piece "Are feminist Tea Towels an Oxymoron?".


I have an event and would love to make Radical Tea Towel a part of it.

We'd love to hear about your event. Please email us on hello@radicalteatowel.com with more information and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I love your products! How can I help?

We're glad you love our products. If you’d like to do more, please share our website with your friends and family, like our page on Facebook, participate in our Radical History group or sign up to our radical history email. We're also on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and any mentions are greatly appreciated. Your photos with our tea towels in action mean the world to us, so when you brag about them on social media, don’t forget to tag us @RadicalTeaTowel.

Would you like to hear about my interesting radical relative?

Yes, please! We'd love to hear about what your ancestors got up to in the fight for the freedoms we now take for granted! Do send an email to hello@radicalteatowel.com with your story and a photo if you have one!

I’m a designer. How can we work together?

Our designs are normally made in house by our creative team, but we’ll certainly consider your suggestions. Send us an email with your ideas to hello@radicalteatowel.com.


Do you do discounts for wholesale orders?

Yes, we do! For UK wholesale enquiries, please email us on hello@radicalteatowel.com, and we’ll forward you our terms and conditions. For wholesale enquiries in Spain and Europe, contact Mirta from Arcobaleno (Madrid) on mirta@arcobaleno.es

Do you do sale or return?

We don’t do sale or return at the moment. Send us an email to hello@radicalteatowel.com for more wholesale information.

General questions

Why aren't your tea towels cheaper?

We wish we could sell them for less, but we insist on paying anyone who works for us at least a living wage, ethical UK manufacture rather than in China, top quality fabrics and no-fade, reactive inks, as well as first class design involving hours of research. They are not your average tea towel by a long way... Read more about our ethical policy here.

How do I wash my tea towel?

Both our cotton and linen tea towels should be washed at 40 degrees Celsius max. We wrote a comprehensive article with all the information you need to take care of your tea towels.

I don’t want to receive your emails anymore. How do I unsubscribe?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you no longer wish to receive our emails, you should find a section at the bottom of our radical history emails to 'Unsubscribe' or please contact us on hello@radicalteatowel.com.

Do you have any retail outlets?

Some museums and bookshops carry a few of our products, but we do not have a retail shop at the moment.

How much do you give to charity?

We regularly raise funds for good causes. Have a look at our good causes page to find out more.

You pride yourselves on your progressive values and equality, so how do you share your profits?

A small amount of profits are shared among family founders, but only after we've paid everyone else involved in the business including suppliers, freelancers, staff and also made donations to good causes. We pay all taxes due and we also insist that our suppliers pay decent wages and meet high ethical standards.

Who works for you?

If you'd like to know more about who works at Radical Tea Towel, click here to meet the team.

Other queries

For all other queries not listed here, please contact us on hello@radicalteatowel.com.