Due to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and Customs Union on 31 December 2020, it is quite likely that our deliveries to the EU will be subject to VAT, additional fees levied by delivery services and possibly customs duties. As we are
sure you can appreciate, these increased charges are completely out of our control and are in no way something that we would wish to levy.

It is impossible to say with any certainty what charges will be levied as each EU member has its own customs regime and systems. Some countries have exemptions or waive fees below certain thresholds whilst others may impose customs fees and charges on orders of any size and value.

We are currently working hard to try to ensure that orders are sent to the EU with the correct paperwork to reduce the likelihood of these extra charges but we wish to warn our EU customers that it is still possible that your order will be subject to VAT and fees. These will most likely be charged to you by your local postal service and, as we have explained, are totally out of our control and almost impossible to predict.

As a short-term solution, and as a means of mitigating the effect on our EU customers, starting from 1st February 2021, we will refund 20% of the value of any order to be delivered within the EU Customs Union to any customer who requests it who has had to pay extra charges. We will apply the 20% refund to your card or Paypal without quibble as soon as we hear from you.

We hope that this will help give our EU customers some confidence in ordering from us during this time, and that it will help to mitigate the effect of any new charges and fees.

Thank you for your continued support.