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Happy Zumbi Day!

Posted by Pete on 20th Nov 2020

325 years ago, an African King was killed in the forests of northern Brazil. He remains one of the great symbols of black liberation in the Atlantic World. Portrait of Zumbi dos Palmares by Pedro C … read more

Black Friday

Posted by Pete on 18th Nov 2020

Today in 1910, three hundred suffragettes marched on Parliament to demand the vote. With immense bravery, they faced down violent attack from the police and right-wing vigilantes in what is known to … read more

London's Bloody Sunday

Posted by Pete on 13th Nov 2020

Today in 1887, the working class from London's East End took a stand for justice in Trafalgar Square and were attacked for their trouble. Bloody Sunday 1887 (By The Illustrated London News) Ele … read more

Camus and Moral Choices

Posted by Pete on 7th Nov 2020

Born today in 1913, Albert Camus tried to place morality above all else. Albert Camus in 1957 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons) "The choices we have to make are always essentially moral choices." … read more

The Chileans have elected a revolution

Posted by Pete on 24th Oct 2020

Forty years ago, Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was made President of Chile. Over its short life, his government was nothing short of a renaissance for Latin America. "Salvador Allende en discurso" … read more