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The greatest President the US never had

Posted by Pete on 7th Oct 2020

Born today in 1888, the progressive Henry Wallace – who came tantalisingly close to succeeding FDR – was one of the best presidents the US never had.There have been few truly good presidents.Lincoln a … read more

Sylvia Pankhurst - Q&A with Rachel Holmes

Posted by Luke on 23rd Sep 2020

We recently had the opportunity of doing a 'virtual interview' with Rachel Holmes, author of a new biography on Sylvia Pankhurst ('Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural Born Rebel', published September 2020 by … read more

Thanks for helping!

Posted by Luke on 18th Sep 2020

This month we've given an additional £12k to food bank charities in the UK and US, on top of £1.8k donated to food banks earlier in the year. This is thanks to you. Giving feels good. We're … read more

Amílcar Cabral

Posted by Pete on 12th Sep 2020

Nelson Mandela was not the only radical to fight for African liberation during the late-20 th century. Born today in 1924, Amílcar Cabral led the fight to overthrow Portuguese colonialism in … read more

Leo Tolstoy

Posted by Pete on 9th Sep 2020

On this day in 1828, Leo Tolstoy was born into the Russian aristocracy – but he wouldn’t stay there. Tolstoy renounced his privilege to become an anarchist (Picture: F. W. Taylor/Wikimedia Commons) … read more