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Defying Convention

Defying Convention

Posted by Pete on 23rd Feb 2021

Born today in 1868, W.E.B. Du Bois remains an icon of black and radical history in the US...On 28th August 1963, about 250,000 Americans took part in Dr King’s March on Washington.It was one of the gr … read more

The Manouchian Group

Posted by Pete on 21st Feb 2021

77 years ago today, Missak Manouchian and twenty-one comrades were shot at Fort Mont-Valérien, on the outskirts of Paris. Missak Manouchian (1906-1944) survived one genocide and then gave his … read more

The Bombing of Dresden

Posted by Pete on 13th Feb 2021

76 years ago today the RAF bombed the German city of Dresden, killing thousands of civilians. Many regarded it, like the Blitz, as a barbaric attack on innocent people. “…fire everywhere, everywh … read more

A Life Well Lived

Posted by Pete Morgan on 8th Feb 2021

Born on this day in 1910, Peggy Duff devoted her life to international peace and the fight against everything which endangers it...Noam Chomsky said of her that, "she should have won the Nobel Peace P … read more