Ethical Policy

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our progressive values and our central message is one of equality and fairness. We reject all prejudice and discrimination against anyone for reasons of race, religion, sex, sexuality, wealth, gender or disability. In other words we believe that as human beings we are all equal, and as such we all deserve a decent, secure and fulfilling life, with equal access to opportunities in education, employment and participation in society. We believe that we should all play by the same rules with no special privileges for the well-connected or wealthy. 

On social media we aim to produce a healthy and lively debate on political, philosophical and social issues but will never tell anyone which political party to vote for in an election. Our products generally depict the radical movements and figures of the past and present with a particular emphasis on left wing values. However, this should not be taken as an endorsement by ourselves of the movement or person depicted, their actions or the consequences of their actions.

Our Products

We are a small family business, conceived and based entirely in the UK. We design and promote all our products ourselves and source them almost entirely from rural areas of the country where jobs are in short supply. Though we use several suppliers for our products, these all operate under one roof i.e. they do not outsource any part of the manufacture of our products, thereby cutting down on the environmental damage caused by unnecessary shipping. All of our suppliers conform to high ethical and environmental standards. 

Our products are all designed, printed, cut, sewn and packaged in the UK. We use unbleached natural panama cotton for our products wherever possible, which requires less energy, less steam and fewer chemicals to produce than bleached fabrics and in 2019 we made the switch to all organic cotton. Our products are then printed with eco-friendly water-based inks, which have virtually no impact on the environment. 

The bulk of our cotton is grown in the US and woven in Pakistan at Sapphire Textile Mills which has an excellent environmental and ethical track record, supported by an SA 8000 certification. SA 8000 is a globally accepted independent standard that demonstrates a workplace’s commitment to social accountability and ethical employment.

Our magnets, coasters, badges & key rings are all made entirely in the UK by a company which follows standard health and safety and employment legislation.

Our cards are printed in the UK on recyclable card and using environmentally-friendly water-based inks. We use recycled envelopes.

We are now using recycled and recyclable mailing bags for an environmentally friendly solution. All our staff recycle and re-use packaging as much as possible, a policy which has been continued by our fulfilment partners, based in the south-east of England.


All of our new tea towels will now be wrapped in 'belly bands' made of recyclable card, each one tailored to the specific design. It's only a small step, but we hope it makes a positive difference. Please bear with us while we introduce these across our ranges.

Employment Practice

We vet all our suppliers to ensure that people working for us receive a living wage. Anyone working directly with us is either employed on a freelance basis or on a living wage plus commission.