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Symphony under Siege

Posted by Pete on 9th Aug 2020

The composer Dmitri Shostakovich died today in 1975. Decades earlier, during WW2, his Seventh Symphony became a global beacon of resistance to the Nazi empire when it was performed by a half-starved … read more

The Rebeccas Ride at Dawn

Posted by Pete on 6th Aug 2020

Nearly 200 years ago, outside the bustle of Britain’s industrial cities, the seemingly quiet Welsh countryside became a battleground in the fight against economic injustice. Depiction of the Rebecc … read more

John Clare: The Peasant Poet

Posted by Pete on 13th Jul 2020

Today in 1793, John Clare was born in rural Northamptonshire. He emerged from a peasant world to become a national poet, and his poetry was marked by the worsening inequalities and injustices in Bri … read more

We will support you

Posted by Pete on 30th Jun 2020

Today, in 1984, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners was founded. It was the start of a wonderful chapter in the radical history of modern Britain. Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue skies … read more

Another England

Posted by Pete on 14th Jun 2020

Wat Tyler, leader of the Peasants' Revolt, was murdered by the Crown today, 15th June, in 1381. His death is the founding sacrifice in the radical history of England. Image source: Wikimedia Common … read more