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Turning history on its head

Posted by Pete on 4th Jan 2021

CLR James (1901-1989) was born today in 1901. His book, 'The Black Jacobins', remains one of the great monuments in the history of radical history. Illustration depicting combat between French an … read more

Escaping 2020

Posted by Pete on 31st Dec 2020

The year 2021 fast approaches, and the fact it isn’t the year 2020 seems sufficient reason to welcome it! Image source: rawpixel This year really has been something of an annus horribilis on a … read more

Only the good die young

Posted by Pete on 28th Dec 2020

Today, in 1936, John Cornford was killed near the town of Lopera in the south of Spain. Children preparing for evacuation from Spain, during the Spanish Civil War, some giving the Republican salute … read more

Radical Women’s History highlight 5 women you should know

Posted by Radical Women's History Team: Lydia Figes, India Lewis and Annie Muir on 23rd Dec 2020

Radical female activists have often been overlooked throughout history. Today, the team behind the ever informative instagram account  Radical Women’s History, highlight the personal stor … read more

Peace in the East

Posted by Pete on 2nd Dec 2020

In the Western World, the Great War ended in 1918. But over the other side of Europe it ended a whole year earlier... Across the Western world, the Great War is remembered as having come to an end i … read more