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William Morris: The Radical Designer

Posted by Luke on 26th Oct 2018

Exploring William Morris's Designs A few weekends ago, the 'rents and I took a 'business trip' to the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, North London. I say 'business trip', beca … read more

Finding the Chartists' Cave

Posted by Bea on 19th Sep 2018

On Saturday 8th September, three valiant members of the Radical Tea Towel team, Tim, Bea and Luke, plus Luke's brother Adam and Moss the dog, ventured forth in the wind and rain to find the Char … read more

Oscar Wilde, Fox Hunting and 'Gross Indecency'

Posted by Luke on 30th Nov 2017

Oscar Wilde: the favourite partygoer who died on St Andrew's Day in 1900 Who's the larger-than-life personality we can remember on November 30th? If you know your saints, you might b … read more

The Surprising Links Between Darwin and Marx

Posted by Pete on 24th Nov 2017

A long line of radical beards I have a beard. It’s nothing too showy but it’s far more than just stubble, and I like it. Next to some of the great radicals of the 19th century, however, it … read more