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The Bombing of Dresden

Posted by Pete on 13th Feb 2021

76 years ago today the RAF bombed the German city of Dresden, killing thousands of civilians. Many regarded it, like the Blitz, as a barbaric attack on innocent people. “…fire everywhere, everywh … read more

Remembering Red Rosa Luxemburg

Posted by Pete on 15th Jan 2020

On this day in 1919, the towering socialist Rosa Luxemburg was murdered by the German Far Right. The life of an outspoken progressive has rarely been a safe one. The forces of reaction, whether … read more

Marx: Drunken Student with Unkempt Hair

Posted by Pete on 5th May 2018

After months of shoehorning dubiously relevant Karl Marx references into every email I can, I get to write you one about the man himself – today is his 200th Birthday, after all! Here's our Kar … read more