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Why you should wear an apron

Posted by Lucy Skoulding on 10th Jun 2019

Have you ever wondered why aprons were invented? Deriving from the French word ‘naperon’, meaning a small table cloth, aprons have been symbolic of different things throughout history. In ancient t … read more

2019 and the Relevance of Radical History

Posted by Pete on 31st Dec 2018

Major forthcoming dates include the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre and round anniversaries for the French Revolution and Chartist Rising in Newport. But what's the real point of recalling the … read more

100 Years since the Russian Revolution

Posted by Pete on 7th Nov 2017

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it." - Karl Marx It’s the late 1870s. Imagine Karl Marx sitting by his fireplace on a winter' … read more