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Amílcar Cabral

Posted by Pete on 12th Sep 2020

Nelson Mandela was not the only radical to fight for African liberation during the late-20 th century. Born today in 1924, Amílcar Cabral led the fight to overthrow Portuguese colonialism in … read more

Radicals on the Run

Posted by Pete on 8th Apr 2020

In the third instalment of our Radicals in Isolation series, we take a look at the often lonely – but always valuable – history of radicals on the run from the law. In the second part of our 'R … read more

Radicals Behind Bars

Posted by Pete on 2nd Apr 2020

In the second part of our series about radicals in isolation, we take a look at the history of radicals in prison and what they’ve achieved there. Let’s take heart (and inspiration!) from a few storie … read more

10 Speeches Every Radical Should Know

Posted by Tom Bailey on 9th Jan 2020

The power of a speech is very often overlooked. Indeed, rhetorical skill and oratorical eloquence are often seen as instruments of deception rather than sources of inspiration. And yet, there is … read more