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The Radicals who Chose Isolation

Posted by Pete on 20th Apr 2020

Our radical past is home to many characters who have actively chosen an isolated way of life… It’s hard to imagine right now, but plenty of people have happily opted for isolation over the cen … read more

Radicals in Isolation

Posted by Pete on 29th Mar 2020

There’s a radical history of isolation – a history which can encourage us all. Life comes at you fast these days… Over the last few weeks, our communities have begun to mobilise to protect the vul … read more

20,000 Students on the Streets of Soweto

Posted by Pete on 16th Jun 2018

On this day in 1976, the schools of Soweto were empty. It wasn't a weekend or a bank holiday. The black students of the township in southern Johannesburg were on strike. A few weeks earl … read more