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They Shall Not Pass: The Battle of Lewisham

Posted by Pete on 17th Aug 2023

On 13th August in 1977, anti-fascist Londoners sent the National Front packing... London has a proud tradition of anti-fascist politics. In 1936, chanting the Spanish Civil War slogan " … read more

The Rise and Fall of the Luddite Movement

Posted by Pete on 9th Mar 2022

They're incredibly relevant to today's political and economic landscape - but who exactly were the Luddites? What is “progress”? Is it new technology, making daily life more efficient th … read more

Churchill vs The Miners: The Tonypandy Riots

Posted by Pete on 8th Nov 2021

The story of how the British government sent troops into the coalfields of South Wales... Throughout the 20th century, coal miners were the steely vanguard of the British working class. Fro … read more

The Radicals who Chose Isolation

Posted by Pete on 20th Apr 2020

Our radical past is home to many characters who have actively chosen an isolated way of life… It’s hard to imagine right now, but plenty of people have happily opted for isolation over the cen … read more