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The Radical Philosophy of Jeremy Bentham

Posted by Pete on 21st Feb 2023

Born on the 15th of February, 1748, Jeremy Bentham sought to reform the institutions at the heart of British society “The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation … read more

The Revolutionary Life of Auguste Blanqui

Posted by Pete on 8th Feb 2023

Born on this day in 1805, Auguste Blanqui devoted his life to the dream of revolution “The Republic means the emancipation of the workers, it’s the end of the reign of exploitation, it’s the c … read more

2023: The Radical Year Ahead

Posted by Pete on 29th Dec 2022

Our historian Pete reflects on the passage of time and the possibility of radical progress in 2023 And so, another year comes to a close. 2022 becomes 2023. New Year’s Eve always seems t … read more