Good causes

Total raised for good causes so far: £9,813!

At Radical Tea Towel, we care a lot about history. Historical people, historical events: our tea towels celebrate the radical actions in the past that shaped all things good about the present. But our present will become someone else’s history one day, so what we do now matters for the kind of legacy we want to leave behind, the kind of business we endeavour to be. 

We want to make our mark, however great or small, on our present and on tomorrow’s history. That’s where you come in. Yep, you. You see, over the years, we’ve given thousands in small grants and donations to various good causes in our annual ‘Good Causes Giveaways’ and through product sales – all because of your support. Thank you for keeping us going. Here’s what we’ve been able to achieve together.

Donations and dedications



Pete's 10k charity runs

In 2018, Pete, our resident radical history expert, made two 10k charity runs. He raised a total of £2,387 – all with your help. These proceeds went to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). MAP does vital work in the Occupied Territories and surrounding Palestinian refugee camps to provide lifesaving medical care to those living under or displaced by occupation - it's a vital cause, now more than ever, and Radical Tea Towel is proud to have supported it.


The Refugee Crisis


In the Calais Jungle Refugee camp, thousands of our fellow humans were, and still are, in desperate situations. We couldn’t stand by, so in September 2015, we launched a campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages to help provide some much-needed items for the refugees living in the camp. We wanted to raise £750 to provide thermal mats, a UNHCR tent and help build shelters. These were items that were recommended to us in our research as being crucial.

We asked you to donate what you could, and you went beyond our expectations. Your donations raised £800, ensuring all the crucial supplies – and more – could be bought. The success of this campaign was all down to your generosity, so thank you. You did a wonderful job.

One of the inspirations for our fundraising was the experiences of another family member, Tom Bailey. You can read his post about Calais and Lesbos on our blog!

Refugee Action

The ongoing refugee crisis is a humanitarian disaster, and Calais was just one infamous episode of it. Although our successful campaign was over, our work was far from done. The same year, we produced a refugee tea towel and mug design, featuring a quote from “A New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus.


For every refugee tea towel or mug bought, we give a £1 donation to Refugee Action on your behalf. This is an organisation doing some great work to provide support and relief for refugees across the UK, including legal aid, practical support and guidance. So, when you buy one of these, you’ve helped them continue their truly great work. You star.

So far, you’ve managed to raise £837 (and counting!) for Refugee Action.

Rape crisis England and Wales


Rape Crisis England and Wales is a fantastic feminist organisation, who work to promote the needs and rights of women and girls who have experienced sexual abuse. Their member centres provide support by women, for women and girls.

We think their work is invaluable, and so in 2016, we designed and released a limited edition Audre Lorde mug. Lorde was a writer, who described herself as a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet”. For every one of these mugs you bought, we were able to donate £1 to Rape Crisis England and Wales on behalf of you and Lorde’s legacy. Thank you for your support!

Emmaus Medway

Emmaus is a social enterprise with groups in various UK locations. They provide shelter and community-building projects for people experiencing homelessness. In October 2016, we donated 150 of our mugs to Emmaus Medway. Everyone has the right to enjoy a radical cup of tea, no matter what their situation!

Products for fundraising

We’ve been able to make our products go even further by donating them so that they can be sold or auctioned in order to raise money for a good cause. Recent stock donations include giving to the blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan. We also regularly donate items to a refugee support organisation in the Cardiff area.

So, if you’ve bought one of our products through these initiatives, we’re really grateful. You may not have known it at the time, but you were part of something bigger: part of our shared values, our shared contributions, our shared humanity. And together, we’ve raised more than £2,426 through these!

Good Causes Giveaways

Humble beginnings: Good Causes Giveaway 2017

2016 was a globally tumultuous year, but your responses left us inspired. More than ever, people rallied together to speak out against the rhetoric of division and hatred. We wanted to start 2017 with these values of solidarity in mind too, so early that year we launched our first Good Causes Giveaway.

The idea was simple: we put together a pot of £1000, and we left the rest to you. We asked you which good causes you wanted that money to go towards, and you responded passionately. In less than a week, we received over 100 nominations, through email, Facebook and Twitter of wonderful organizations doing things you cared about.

We chose five from these nominations, and then asked to you vote on how you wanted the money to be donated. You spoke, we listened. An incredible 1250 votes were cast, and these were the great causes you felt most strongly about: 


CRIBS International: Provides homes for refugee mums and their families, received £510.

Glasgow Women’s Library: Home of some fantastic collections by and about radical women, received £160. 

The Trussell Trust: A network of UK food banks, received £120.

Hope not Hate: A group campaigning against the politics of hate, received £110. 

The Proud Trust: An LGBT+ support group based in Manchester, received £100.

Together, we were able to help these groups continue doing good in the world.

Bigger and better: Good Causes Giveaway 2018

We knew 2017 was just the beginning. How could we stop? Your enthusiasm and engagement was overwhelming. So when 2018 rolled around, we decided to match your passion, doubling the pot to £2000. Again, we asked for nominations, and again, you voted for your values. We’re proud to have been able to contribute to these five excellent causes:

Medical Aid for Palestinians: A cause close to the heart of Pat Crick, the grandmother who first inspired Radical Tea Towel, received £521.

Womankind Worldwide: Empowering women and girls in the developing world, received £489.

Llamau: Supporting homeless youth in Wales, received £431.

Mary on the Green: The campaign for a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft on Newington Green, London, received £281.

Amnesty International: Human rights campaigners, supporting brave radicals speaking out in the world, received £278.

Whether you supported these good causes by writing to us about your values, by voting for your favourite charities, or by simply being a Radical Tea Towel customer, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Making tradition: Good Causes Giveaway 2019

It was time to make a tradition out of it. In March 2019, we chose five more good causes together to receive £400 each from a pot of £2000.

Stonewall: A lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender charity named after the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City's Greenwich Village. It's now the largest LGBT rights organisation in Europe. 

The Working Class Movement Library, Salford: One of the most unusual libraries in the world which contains books, documents and other resources about working class history and movements.

Red Cross Appeal, Syria: Provides desperately needed resources for Syrian refugees who have fled their homes as a result of the civil war.

Women’s Aid: Offers lifesaving support services for vulnerable women and children across the UK. 

Grenfell Tower Appeal (The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation): Identifies and invests in projects which provide hope, opportunities and healing in the community of North Kensington in the wake of this disaster.

That’s the story so far, and we thank you for helping us write it. If you’d like to know more about this year’s choices you can read our blog on the 2019 giveaway, and understand how your support is helping us do our bit for the world! Here’s to you: We can’t wait for 2020 and all the good we can do with you on our side.