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Turning history on its head

Posted by Pete on 4th Jan 2021

CLR James (1901-1989) was born today in 1901. His book, 'The Black Jacobins', remains one of the great monuments in the history of radical history. Illustration depicting combat between French an … read more

Happy Zumbi Day!

Posted by Pete on 20th Nov 2020

325 years ago, an African King was killed in the forests of northern Brazil. He remains one of the great symbols of black liberation in the Atlantic World. Portrait of Zumbi dos Palmares by Pedro C … read more

From Merthyr to Minneapolis

Posted by Pete on 7th Jun 2020

Today is the anniversary of the Merthyr Rising in South Wales, an all too familiar story of an oppressed people who’d simply had enough. Merthyr Tydfil by French artist Alphonse Dousseau (between 1 … read more