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The Radicals who Chose Isolation

Posted by Pete on 20th Apr 2020

Our radical past is home to many characters who have actively chosen an isolated way of life… It’s hard to imagine right now, but plenty of people have happily opted for isolation over the cen … read more

Gandhi's Continued Relevance

Posted by Pete on 30th Jan 2020

Today in 1948, Gandhi was assassinated. His vision is still urgent, for South Asia and for the whole world. “Friends and comrades, the light has gone out of our lives.” So began Prime Minister&nbs … read more

10 Speeches Every Radical Should Know

Posted by Tom Bailey on 9th Jan 2020

The power of a speech is very often overlooked. Indeed, rhetorical skill and oratorical eloquence are often seen as instruments of deception rather than sources of inspiration. And yet, there is … read more