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Patrice Lumumba: A Lost Dream in the Congo

Posted by Pete on 2nd Jul 2019

In 1960, the Congolese people, after breaking free from the Belgian Empire, elected Patrice Lumumba as their first Prime Minister. But his administration – and life – were cut short by Western governm … read more

100 Years of Nelson Mandela

Posted by Pete on 18th Jul 2018

Back in June 1988, 72,000 people crammed into the old Wembley Stadium. They were treated to a music masterclass. Some of the eighties' best were performing: Simple Minds, Whitney Houston, Stev … read more

20,000 Students on the Streets of Soweto

Posted by Pete on 16th Jun 2018

On this day in 1976, the schools of Soweto were empty. It wasn't a weekend or a bank holiday. The black students of the township in southern Johannesburg were on strike. A few weeks earl … read more

Muhammad Ali's Anti-War Defiance

Posted by Pete on 3rd Jun 2018

Muhammad Ali – 'The Greatest' – died today in 2016. He suffered septic shock while hospitalised in Scottsdale, Arizona. But he could have died 49 years earlier somewhere in Vietnam. On th … read more