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Radicals in Exile

Posted by Pete on 13th Apr 2020

In the fourth part of our Radicals in Isolation series, we take a look at the isolating experience of exile and the great wealth of radical history which it has produced. "Exile is terrible to ex … read more

Simón Bolívar: South America's 'El Libertador'

Posted by Pete on 24th Jul 2018

History counts Simón Bolívar - born today in 1783 - as one of its great winners. That's a fair point. Bolívar - 'South America's George Washington' - did win countless battles in his long … read more

20,000 Students on the Streets of Soweto

Posted by Pete on 16th Jun 2018

On this day in 1976, the schools of Soweto were empty. It wasn't a weekend or a bank holiday. The black students of the township in southern Johannesburg were on strike. A few weeks earl … read more