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What "Radical" Means to Us

Posted by Tom on 16th Apr 2021

It's a word we throw around a lot... but what do we actually mean? Lamartine in front of the Town Hall of Paris rejects the red flag on 25 February 1848. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) People often … read more

Battlefield Glasgow

Posted by Pete on 31st Jan 2021

On this day in 1919, 25,000 workers gathered in George Square, Glasgow to protest against the unemployment crisis. It was to become another example of state violence against the working class. … read more

The Rebeccas Ride at Dawn

Posted by Pete on 6th Aug 2020

Nearly 200 years ago, outside the bustle of Britain’s industrial cities, the seemingly quiet Welsh countryside became a battleground in the fight against economic injustice. Depiction of the Rebecc … read more