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Radicals on Trial: Tom Paine's Rights of Man

Posted by Pete on 13th Mar 2021

How one pamphlet infuriated the entire British establishment Long before the House Un-American Activities Committee in the US, there was the trial of Thomas Paine in England. But in the 1790s, … read more

Breaking Ranks

Posted by Pete on 25th Jan 2021

Born today in 1770, Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Baronet of Bramcote, was a radical you might not have expected. The decades either side of 1800 – the so-called 'Age of Revolutions' – were a time o … read more

The Roving Radical

Posted by Pete on 6th Sep 2020

Born today in 1795, Frances 'Fanny' Wright is one of the most remarkable yet least known revolutionaries we’ve ever heard of. Frances 'Fanny' Wright was just as remarkable as famous radicals like … read more