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Tony Benn and World Peace

Posted by Pete on 3rd Apr 2019

Tony Benn was a legend of the British left. His lifelong battle to uphold the values of international justice and human dignity deserve a special degree of recognition. As does his unwavering commitme … read more

A Quick ‘Thank You’ to Karl Marx

Posted by Pete on 17th Feb 2019

Like me, you may have been distressed to hear that Karl Marx’s resting place in Highgate Cemetery in North London has been vandalised again yesterday for the second time in a few weeks. … read more

100 Years of Nelson Mandela

Posted by Pete on 18th Jul 2018

Back in June 1988, 72,000 people crammed into the old Wembley Stadium. They were treated to a music masterclass. Some of the eighties' best were performing: Simple Minds, Whitney Houston, Stev … read more