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The Manouchian Group

Posted by Pete on 21st Feb 2021

77 years ago today, Missak Manouchian and twenty-one comrades were shot at Fort Mont-Valérien, on the outskirts of Paris. Missak Manouchian (1906-1944) survived one genocide and then gave his … read more

The Bombing of Dresden

Posted by Pete on 13th Feb 2021

76 years ago today the RAF bombed the German city of Dresden, killing thousands of civilians. Many regarded it, like the Blitz, as a barbaric attack on innocent people. “…fire everywhere, everywh … read more

Clement Attlee's Labour resurgence

Posted by Pete on 3rd Jan 2020

On Clement Attlee’s birthday, let’s remember how he helped to rebuild the Labour Party from bitter defeat in 1931 to stunning victory in 1945. A source of hope in our times. If the Christmas and … read more

Alan Turing: A Hero Betrayed

Posted by Pete on 7th Jun 2019

65 years ago today, codebreaker and WWII hero Alan Turing was driven to the point of suicide by the British state – for the simple crime of being gay. During the 1930s and 40s, one hundred t … read more