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'Red Ellen' Willkinson and the Jarrow march

Posted by Pete on 8th Oct 2018

Our Jarrow Crusade tea towel is a beauty (I'm allowed to say so without being arrogant because I wasn't the one who designed it!). In the top right is a map of England with the route the march … read more

100 Years of Nelson Mandela

Posted by Pete on 18th Jul 2018

Back in June 1988, 72,000 people crammed into the old Wembley Stadium. They were treated to a music masterclass. Some of the eighties' best were performing: Simple Minds, Whitney Houston, Stev … read more

Foundation of the Labour Party - Part 1

Posted by Pete on 27th Feb 2018

On 27th February in 1900 at the Congregational Memorial Hall on Farringdon Street, not far from St Paul's Cathedral, the Labour Representation Committee was created. It soon took on a cat … read more