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Clement Attlee's Labour resurgence

Posted by Pete on 3rd Jan 2020

On Clement Attlee’s birthday, let’s remember how he helped to rebuild the Labour Party from bitter defeat in 1931 to stunning victory in 1945. A source of hope in our times. If the Christmas and … read more

The NHS and America: A Mixed History

Posted by Pete on 5th Jul 2019

Our latest tea towel design honours the late Harry Leslie Smith, one of the staunchest modern advocates for our National Health Service. With American plutocrats turning their eyes on the NHS, it’s mo … read more

7 Quotations that Define Aneurin Bevan

Posted by Tom Bailey on 23rd Apr 2019

Aneurin Bevan was the Minister for Health in  Clement Attlee’s post-war government and was responsible for the establishment of the NHS. The son of a coal miner, Bevan consistently defended … read more

Stephen Hawking, Science & Socialism

Posted by Pete on 14th Mar 2019

The great Stephen Hawking - who died one year ago today - was a man of the left. Perhaps there's something about looking out at the stars which motivates us to want to protect our world? Peopl … read more

The NHS: 70 Years of British Socialism

Posted by Pete on 5th Jul 2018

Nye Bevan - who brought the NHS into existence 70 years ago today - had a disappointing life. I don't mean this in a personal sense. He enjoyed a happy marriage to his fellow socialist, Jennie … read more