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What "Radical" Means to Us

Posted by Tom on 16th Apr 2021

It's a word we throw around a lot... but what do we actually mean? Lamartine in front of the Town Hall of Paris rejects the red flag on 25 February 1848. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) People often … read more

10 Speeches Every Radical Should Know

Posted by Tom Bailey on 9th Jan 2020

The power of a speech is very often overlooked. Indeed, rhetorical skill and oratorical eloquence are often seen as instruments of deception rather than sources of inspiration. And yet, there is … read more

Oscar Wilde, Fox Hunting and 'Gross Indecency'

Posted by Luke on 30th Nov 2017

Oscar Wilde: the favourite partygoer who died on St Andrew's Day in 1900 Who's the larger-than-life personality we can remember on November 30th? If you know your saints, you might b … read more