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The Bombing of Dresden

Posted by Pete on 13th Feb 2021

76 years ago today the RAF bombed the German city of Dresden, killing thousands of civilians. Many regarded it, like the Blitz, as a barbaric attack on innocent people. “…fire everywhere, everywh … read more

Only the good die young

Posted by Pete on 28th Dec 2020

Today, in 1936, John Cornford was killed near the town of Lopera in the south of Spain. Children preparing for evacuation from Spain, during the Spanish Civil War, some giving the Republican salute … read more

The Idiocy of Racism: Jesse Owens' Big Moment

Posted by Pete on 12th Sep 2019

Today in 1913, Jesse Owens was born in Oakville, Alabama. Two decades later, in Hitler’s Berlin, he won an Olympic 100m Gold which put a stake through the heart of Nazi racial ideology for all the wor … read more