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Battlefield Glasgow

Posted by Pete on 31st Jan 2021

On this day in 1919, 25,000 workers gathered in George Square, Glasgow to protest against the unemployment crisis. It was to become another example of state violence against the working class. … read more

The Radical Internationalism of Eleanor Marx

Posted by Pete on 31st Mar 2019

Given we began March with a celebration of International Women’s Day, it seems appropriate to end the month by recognising one of the most internationalist women of modern times. Eleanor Ma … read more

A Quick ‘Thank You’ to Karl Marx

Posted by Pete on 17th Feb 2019

Like me, you may have been distressed to hear that Karl Marx’s resting place in Highgate Cemetery in North London has been vandalised again yesterday for the second time in a few weeks. … read more

Marx: Drunken Student with Unkempt Hair

Posted by Pete on 5th May 2018

After months of shoehorning dubiously relevant Karl Marx references into every email I can, I get to write you one about the man himself – today is his 200th Birthday, after all! Here's our Kar … read more