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Annie Kenney: Working Class Heroine

Posted by Pete on 13th Sep 2018

Across history, radical movements for democratic change have often been led by members of the upper classes. Middle-class Clement Attlee and Westminster-educated Tony Benn in the post-war Bri … read more

The Year Women Won the Vote

Posted by Pete on 6th Feb 2018

Today we're thinking about the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which gave (some, but not all) women in the UK the right to vote for the first time. It was a real politic … read more

Are Feminist Tea Towels an Oxymoron?

Posted by Beatrice on 9th Dec 2017

Get new post updates here We recently shared some posts on Facebook showing several of our Suffragette poster tea towels and oven gloves. It kicked off a bit of a debate... S … read more